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obesity-will-this-disease-be-covered-by-insurance-videoAmerican Medical Association classifies obesity as a disease.

The American Medical Association has officially announced that "obesity" is a disease. The numbers of adults considered obese have doubled in the last 20 years and for children it has tripled in a single generation.  

We have generally accepted that people are overweight in our society and although we know the dangers that obesity possesses upon other diseases like type II diabetes, cancers and the the number one killer, heart disease, the numbers continue to rise. 



What Does This Mean?

What are the medical implications of the obesity disease classification? It most likely means that your "wellness" insurance will cover measures to "cure" obesity like weight training, meetings with a registered dietician and other re-imbursements for healthy lifestyle choices to prevent obesity, such as, covering your gym membership.  

Many insurance companies have already moved in that direction. United Healthcare partnered with Anytime Fitness franchises to reimburse their coverees with a substantial portion of the membership fees each month if a participant hits the gym doors a dozen or more times.

This big step in classification may help the general public be more aware and, more importantly, get medical attention that gives them clear direction. If you're looking for a simple approach to weight loss check out my programs on FitStudio.com: Naked Fitness and Drop 5 in 30 Days.

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