off-the-radar-hair-accessoriesAccessories complete all outfits.

So why not have them help complete your hairstyle? The trends in 'haircessories' are always changing. Scrunchies were a thing once upon a time, hair feathers were cool for about 5 seconds, but these small additions had so much character and really helped complete the hairstyle. These days, people don't wear those ones as much but here are some of the other ones that I think are fabulous and that I reach for now and then!

 Clip-In Hair Extensions hairextensions

I'm of the personal opinion that everyone should own a set of clip ins in their hair color. Almost every celebrity wears them on the red carpet to give those up-dos beautiful volume as well as to add some va va voom to their natural hair when worn down. I think they make great fillers for hairstyles, up or down, on a daily basis as well. They can even be used to fake bangs or cover up a bad haircut! If you are lost on how to use them, bring them to your hairstylist and get a lesson. Most hairstylists know how to put them in quickly and can show you how to make the most of your weave!

Pinup Style Headbands pinupheadband

I see these everywhere on Chicago's streets. The knotted headbands look super cute worn in a number of ways. Take a style tip from Taylor Swift and wear them in a fun color or pattern. I love them on a girl with bangs styled and her hair up, which gives a vintage and sexy look. They can also look great worn in hair when it's down to keep hair pushed off of your face. Tip: It looks extra cute when you create a deep side-part. 

Hair Chains


At Pitchfork festival and some other Chicago music festivals, I've seen some incredibly awesome hair chains. I love the smaller ones that are just pinned into the side of a style. Up or down, it totally adds a unique touch of style and a little bit of shine. Also an edgier look can be achieved wearing one down your part to give off a boho vibe a la Nicole Richie. If you're feeling adventurous, you can weave one into your hairstyle like Jennifer Lawrence's bun at the London premiere of The Hunger Games. These hair chains are great for music festivals and outdoor events to set yourself apart from the crowd.
Gold hair chain:

Decorative Pins freepeoplehairpins

I've seen dozens of unique hairpins online and in boutiques in the city, but I wish I saw people actually wearing them more! There's no better way to polish a blah hairstyle by sticking something beautiful in it. I think these can look so eclectic but polished and they are totally appropriate for work or a day out. Hair Pin:

Be fearless about accessorizing your do! My main piece of advice when it comes to adorning your hair is to keep it simple. There's no needs to busy-up a hairstyle that already has lots of texture or a braid that's already doing the work for you. These can be key in helping you think outside the box and prevent hair boredom. We've all been there and no one wants to be at a loss for unique ideas when it comes to changing up your look!


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