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Olivia Wilde took a New York stroll with her baby boy.

Little Otis Alexander Sudeikis is only three months old but he’s ready to rock and roll. Olivia Wilde posted an Instagram photo of her new son yesterday and we are swooning over the newborn’s blue eyes and striking resemblance to his dad, Jason Sudeikis.

Wilde hasn’t posted much social media since giving birth but within the first few days of being a mother, she took to Twitter in her natural comedic way. In fact, Otis’s first official picture was on his birthday in April!


And when Wilde had to skip out on the annual Met Ball, she found the humor again.


Otis has a lot of jokes to look forward to in his coming years. His dad being a former SNL cast member along with mom keeping up the funny tweets, we bet his first giggle will be sooner rather than later.

The humorous pair have been dating since November 2011 and got engaged in January 2013. 


Photo Credit: Instagram


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