ombre-hair-pros-and-consIf you are on the fence about the ombre hair trend, we have weighed the pros and cons to help decide if it’s right for you. 

A beauty trend that can be seen almost everywhere today is the ombre hair look. To ensure you are making the right hair decision, here is a list to help you understand the pros and cons of ombre hair.



Ombre hair means starting at the roots with dark hair and gradually fading in to a lighter color, a la Khloe Kardashian. Once you become familiar with the process of ombre hair, you can decide if it is right for you. In the meantime, read these tips to decide if you should or shouldn’t ombre. 


  • Ombre hair can be incredibly stylish if done right. This hair look is not supposed to be two different colors but instead a mixture. If one grows their hair out and doesn't dye it, the ends can fade into a lighter shade on their own. The ombre look is supposed to play off that natural occurrence and not look as if you simply dipped your hair into color. When done correctly, your ombre hair can look beautiful and natural. There is plenty of hairstyle inspiration from Hollywood’s leading ladies due to this trend being very popular. 
  • Ombre hair looks great on any skin tone because it is a mixture of light and dark. The key will be working with your stylist to create the right combination of colors for you. Great ombre colors will keep you from looking washed out or too intense. When you have the right hair color for your skin tone, it can accent your features just right! 


  • Be aware that changing your hairstyle to ombre can cause hair damage. Parts of your hair will be dyed a much lighter shade then the rest, maybe even bleached. This can make the bottom half of your hair look slightly rougher than the top half. Plan on conditioning properly, which you can discuss with your stylist if you decide to take the plunge.
  • It can be a lengthy process to get rid of ombre hair. Your stylist will most likely have to create a special mixture to dye your hair back to one solid color, one that matches well with the darker shade you had on top. Expect the dying back process to be long and costly, with a chance that your ends will be slightly lighter and possibly dryer for a while.
  • Ombre hair can be costly due to the fact that you are using more than one color and the upkeep is more than usual. If you wait too long in between dye jobs, it will show and emphasize that your ombre hair has grown out. Plan on more frequent hair salon visits and spending a bit more money on those visits. 

Overall, the ombre hair look is incredibly chic but not without time, money, or care. You just have to decide if it is right hair choice for you. Knowing the pros and cons beforehand will help you in making the right beauty decision for your hair.

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