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  • Eating small meals throughout the day may be easier on your digestive system, but a busy lifestyle may get in the way. Check out these healthy portable snack options that anyone can keep on hand at work, in the car or in a bag every day.

  • Apples


    You know what they say about apples! These red, fruity orbs are key for good digestion. They contain fiber in the peel that helps keep foods moving through your body.

  • Fiber One Bars

    Fiber One Bars

    Fiber One Bars offer great flavors to satisfy your sweet tooth with a punch of fiber. This filling bar made with oats and chocolate provides 35 percent of the daily value of fiber and tastes as good as it makes you feel. Check out the Fiber One Chewy Oats and Chocolate bars here

  • Nuts


    Nuts in small quantities can be a healthy portable snack as they are packed with healthy fat, protein and fiber. Keep in mind portion control is key, so opt for small pre-packaged nuts or filling a small plastic bag to take with you. 

  • Cuties


    Mini oranges, commonly called cuties, are easy to peel and pack a boost of vitamin C and fiber to keep your tummy smiling.

  • Mason Jars

    Mason Jars

    Pack a jar or two! Mason jars make portable salads easy to take along. Layer veggies and top with greens to have a healthy bite ready in minutes. Be sure to keep dressing as the bottom layer or pack separately so your salads do not get soggy!

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