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Let’s be real... breaking up sucks. And now in the age of cellphones and Facebook, it’s never been easier to end a relationship by just clicking send. Allison Wade’s Break-Up Text paintings focus on relationships and modern communication. She paints the messages she’s sent and received at the end of her past relationships.

Wade spoke with New York Magazine about the series, which is currently part of the "It’s Not You" exhibit at Rick Wester Fine Art.

wade 6645


"I’m interested in the distance enforced by technology," Wade told the magazine. "The paintings are funny, but they're also confrontational — the messages are bigger, they’re in bright colors, and the viewer interacts with a disposable medium in a more permanent form. It’s incredibly isolating to be broken up with via text; by bringing these messages to a physical space I hope that people will realize they’re not alone."

wade 6648

To see more of this series and Wade’s other work, you can visit her website. 

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