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One Little Black Dress For Wedding Season

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Wedding season is all about finding the perfect accessories.

Don't let the age-old idea of not wearing black to a wedding stop you from attending a lovely event and looking good while doing so. LBDs are a classic staple in any woman's closet and with the right accessories, you can create a fresh, new look for each wedding you attend! 

Here are a few ways to spice up your little black dress, so no one will know you're recycling it.



From a bright, bold statement necklace to light and simple pearls, this subtle change can alter your look entirely. For a more sophisticated look, try a statement watch with a simple necklace. For a flirty style, try large turquoise necklace with matching bracelets and rings.



The bag you bring to a wedding can also define the style of your little black dress. It can be a sequined clutch, a bedazzled wristlet or a vintage over the shoulder pouch - just let it shine!



Whether it be girly flats, strappy heels or stylin' wedges, the shoes you wear should be different for a summer brunch wedding than a fancy evening wedding. If you're invited to a beach wedding, consider your show choice ahead of time and maybe choose a pair of fashionable sandals.


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