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ooh-la-la-bachelorette-recap-in-france-headerAndi’s voyage to finding a hubby continued in Europe this week! 

The Bachelorette is back after one week off! Andi and her 11 remaining beaus headed to the south of France to continue their search for love. A one-on-one date got to be a little awkward near the end, the cocktail party was cancelled and one guy admitted he’s struggling to build a relationship with Andi. Find out what you missed! 

Top Highlights 

  • Former pro baseball player Josh got the first date. The two went on a romantic picnic. Will Andi “pick” Josh? Do you trust him even though he’s an athlete? 
  • On the group date, the guys learn to mime and perform on the street but Nick was not a good sport. JJ got the group rose.
  • Brian got the second one-on-one date where the two cooked together and showed off their culinary skills, or lack thereof. But, it got a little awkward between the two once they got into the kitchen. Andi definitely was not feeling it. Did Brian redeem himself?
  • Andi cancelled the cocktail party and wanted to send home three people! Marquel, Andrew and Patrick all headed back home to the U.S. 




Tonight’s Biggest Drama 

  • JJ said that during the first rose ceremony of the season, Andrew said that Andi gave roses to the two “blackies” of the group. Marquel confronted Andrew but of course he denied it. So, who do you think is lying? 
  • Nick tells the other guys he thinks he’s the front-runner. Eek…drama! Nick and Cody got in a big bro-fight! 
  • Andi confronted Nick about his poor attitude on group dates and how other guys in the house say he’s arrogant and rude. Then he read her a poem he wrote to shut her up. Is he manipulating her? 
  • Andrew told Andi that with all the drama in the competition, it’s not making it easy for him to stay and form a relationship with her. 

Next Monday at 8/7c, stay tuned for the next Bachelorette episode in Venice where some of the boys will profess their love and get lie detector tests! You won't want to miss it!  


Photo Credit: ABC.go.com 

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