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16466-open-letter-from-cats-play-with-usIf anyone knows how to play, it’s your feline friends!

After teaching you how to unwind from your whirlwinded life, we think humans can still learn a thing or two about loosening up and not being so, well uptight!


From casually strolling across the thinnest curtain rod high above to chasing and flinging just about anything we can get our paws on, you have to really give it to us – we know how to live it up!

With some careful observations of cats, you can definitely shed your case of Uptightis and learn how to play more!  Incorporating more play into your life does not mean you have to do it all at once. Instead, you should try adding more play at your own pace and opening up the exciting world around you as you like. We’re pretty sure though once you start, you won’t be stopping anytime soon.

5 Ways Cats Teach People To Play More

Make A Plan And Go For It


The stalking and chasing process comes naturally to us. We see something we want, focus on it and then go for it! It isn’t so different for humans though. We've seen you leaving the house every day to go to work, be with friends, shop, eat, etc. We know if you want something, you have the means to go out and get it. This comes into play when you want to play, too! If you're feeling bummed out, tired, or anxious, that is the best time to get out and do something fun! Just think of something you'd enjoy doing and seriously, go for it!

For those of you who are a little more stiff, we can teach you to loosen up.

Balancing Act


Slinking across curtain rods, hanging from tree limbs – cats are happiest when living on the edge (literally). Why, in the name of catnip, would we want to do this though?

It’s a major confidence builder! There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a risk and succeeding. For us, this means trying to find the next unstable, incredibly high, insane spot to climb and clinging to it. For you, it could be playing a new sport with coworkers or friends or going on a wild and crazy trip abroad! Anything fun and new can add more play into your life and boost your spirits.

Scratch That Itch


OK, this is one we get a lot of flack for. We love to scratch things. We do it to mark our territory. We do it for personal beauty – we’re removing layers of our claws, basically our version of a manicure/pedicure. The most fun of all for us? Scratching is a way to stretch everything out and flex our feet and claws.

Playing more does not mean you have to exert every bit of energy out of your system. Getting together with friends for some brain teasers or a good ol' card game can be a relaxing way to have fun, plus it can help flex some muscles in the noggin. 

Good times are pretty beneficial for your overall health. Play can trigger the release of endorphins, the human body’s natural feel-good chemicals, promoting an overall sense of well being and even relieving pain. 

Reach High

Not only do we like to live dangerously, we like to do it high, high, high above ground. No bookshelf is too high for us to try, no plane too scary to latch on to. Yes, we said plane – remember this viral video?

When you incorporate more play into your life, things may not go perfectly the first time. Whether it's participating in a new sport or having people over for the first time to play games, you may feel a little odd and out of your comfort zone. Remember though, being anxious or uptight can only bring you down. 

If you don't win or literally fall on your face, laugh it off with everyone and get back to playing! Getting a little dirt on our knees (or paws) is part of the fun. 

Little Explorers

Crawling under beds, squeezing into tight spaces, smacking around anything we’re not sure of – the world is ours for exploring! You can’t be afraid of the unknown and just cat nap your life away. If there’s something you want to try out, achieve or do, you should definitely seek it out!

Your world of play is going to expand the more you seek it out. We've mentioned a few ideas here, but these are not the only ways you can add more play to your life. 

Humans are super social creatures, so get out there with your friends and family and start learning, testing, trying and of course, playing!

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