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Music can be an intensely emotional experience for those who listen to it and especially for those who write and perform it. Even a pop star whose music tends to be upbeat and happy can slip in a much more personal song into their album.

Our favorite diva, Mariah Carrey, is notorious for letting her true feelings come out in her music. Her 2009 song "Obsessed" called out rapper Eminem and asked him, "Why are you so obsessed with me?"

However most other artists use their lyrics much more subtly than Mariah, and as a way to confront rumors. Justin Timberlake confirmed Britney Spears had cheated on him in "Cry Me A River" and Ed Sheeran spilled the tea about Ellie Goulding's unfaithfulness in "Don't."

Some bold artists even talk about problems with their bandmates in their own songs. No Doubt's entire "Tragic Kingdom" album consisted of songs about lead singer Gwen Stefani's breakup from bassist Tony Kanal.

Artists' "open letter" songs tend to be some of their best, which is why we've complied a playlist of our favorites. Make sure to listen to all of the emotional and honest songs below.

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