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Presented by 9Lives® brand cat food


Dear Humans,

We admit it! We know we are revered and loved. Paws up to those generous Egyptians for starting that trend! Let's face it, we have got it pretty good; but there are a few, shall we say, bones to pick over some of those cat stereotypes.

Snobby? Aloof? Difficult? Paw-lease! Try classy. Observant. Selective.

Allow us to clear up a few misconceptions about felines and share a few life lessons humans can learn from us. 

The licking


Yes. Cats lick themselves. And for some, this may seem strange or odd or downright not tasty. We take our licks as seriously as humans do their blowouts, gym time or mani-pedis. What’s the harm in looking your best and if you have the tools to do it yourself, it saves a pretty penny (many pennies to be used later to get us cat toys, thank you very much).

All that "lying around"


Photo Credit: Big Heart Pet Brands

Knowing what the good life is and taking the time to enjoy it is smart, not lazy. Have you ever felt those soft blankets or taken the time to bask in the sunniest spot in the room? It’s life-changing. We do this everyday and wonder why you don't look at Morris from 9Lives® brand cat food - he knows what we’re taking about here. He's all about living well for the “everycat.” You should try living well for the “everyhuman”!

Looking down on the world


When you are always landing on your feet it is easy to feel comfortable in high places. Perching on bookshelves or kitchen cabinets gives us a chance to really get some perspective on life. It is no different than getting a look at your city from a high-rise building  or when you check out your neighborhood from your second-floor window. Watching the world go by around you is pretty insightful and can help you see things from a different point of view! It also helps us keep an eye on the dogs among us.

No privacy, ever!


OK, so we do end up in a few places that don’t make sense to you. Your drawers, closets, cardboard boxes, paper bags and the occasional peeking into the bathroom while you happen to be “occupied.” We’re just trying to squash the saying “curiosity killed the cat” because to us, what is more important than exploring your world and learning everything you can about it? Sometimes we like to be alone but sometimes we really like to be really, really close. It's very human of us.

So much attention, so little time


One moment we’re standoffish and the next, we’re rubbing ourselves all around you and hopping on a lap for the occasional kneading. You might say we are fickle, but we would say we are particular.  Like you, we have our “moments” where we feel a hiss is more appropriate than a meow. But when we’re ready to make up, we really like to make up and honestly… what is more comforting than our fur, purrs and adorable eyes.

Let these cat truths sit with you, we know what the good life is and we're living it. Mostly we just want you to live it with us.

Your Cats

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