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Dear Women of the World: We know you love to have control of your lives...we all do! We make schedules so we know what the day will bring. We plan outfits to show the world we are on top of things! We make time for workouts because we want to be healthy. All of these plans are great until something gets in the way. For some of us, that something is a leaky bladder. 

Nothing stops the "Who Runs The World? Girls!" mantra like being unprepared for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). The fact is, ladies, you don't have to let LBL get in the way of your plans. We have a few handy ideas to show you how to take control of this situation the same way you take care of everything else: with a plan.

Poise Impressa ImageFirst, let's make sure you are always looking good. That's where Poise® comes in, to help you live with LBL without letting go of what you love to do. Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports  are a non-absorbent, removable product that lets you exercise, run errands or just have fun, all the while knowing you'll be protected from leaks.  From the time you step out of your door to when you lay your head on your pillow, Poise® will help stop bladder leaks before they happen.


17645-kegel-trainer-appA common cause for light bladder leakage is having children, and one recommendation to help with LBL is Kegel exercises. Just like with everything else, you can, and should, make a plan to work these into your already busy schedule. We found this Kegel Trainer app that has easy-to-follow directions and daily reminders to "squeeze." The workout sessions last between 30 seconds to three minutes. Now that is a workout we can handle!

Stress can also be the culprit behind a leaky bladder, so let's get rid of one big worry: locating the closest bathroom. There are a lot of bathroom locator apps out there, so whether you download  WhereToWee or Bathroom Scout, just knowing that you have the app should ease your mind that you can, and will, find a bathroom no matter where you are.

Another way to get control of your LBL is to see if there are patterns to when it happens. Doctors can help, but they will have a lot of questions for you, and you need to be prepared with the answers. We find that the LeakFreeMe app really helps you have better conversations with your physician. You can keep track of when you experience leaks, and the app is designed to help you learn to control when you go to the bathroom. This information can help your doctor come up with a gameplan for treatment.


The key to a good plan is to have a good plan. Take these ideas and feel more in control of your LBL. Like all of the other plans in your life, this is just one more thing you do to show the world you got this


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