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ptr-opendiary-125sqOpen Diary is the newest way of keeping a diary or journal, if you don't mind others reading it that is. But if you enjoy blogging and like sharing or reading everyday life stories then you will love the Open Diary. What makes this site so attractive is the smart mix of the site being something between a blogosphere and social networking site. You can have your own profile, get in touch with friends and share pictures but also have unlimited space to write about yourself and your life. This is a very marvelous and efficient way to stay in touch with family and friends and give them an inside scoop into your life while you are away in college or traveling through Europe, for example. Share your adventures or just the daily struggles and discover how many people are interested in your life and thoughts. You probably will make new pen pals very quickly as well if you want to. Visit Website

The basic features of keeping a diary are free of charge and you can enjoy unlimited storage and posts. For less than $3 per month you can add chapters to your diary and a search function to your diary which is also advertisement free. The very handy 'Diary Circles' section organizes all diaries in easy to browse topics. From Abuse Survivors to Vegans and Weddings, it is easy to find real peoples' stories and advice.

Womensforum Partner: OpenDiary joined as a valued partner in the womensforum network in 2/2000.

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