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ptr-budget101-125sqBudget 101 caters to the frugal or do-it-yourselfer featuring hundreds of articles on things like growing your own vegetables, canning or preserving your own excess produce in order to save it for years, make a very tasty dish out of cheap ramen noodles and drying your own food to use in recipes later on. There is even an article on how to dry your excess meat for beef jerky. There are tons of recipes and food preparation articles even for gluten free cooking and food safe for diabetics or any other health concern. Visit Website

ptr-alfy-125sqAlfy is a free website that provides arcade, action, classic, puzzles and many other kinds of games over the Internet as well as tons of many other appropriate activities including educational activities like mind games, math exercises, word searches and spelling exercises. There is even an option to make your own quizzes and games customizing the learning or entertainment experience. Also there is a very easy to use section where kids can ask questions on anything from homework questions to personal questions. This is a great help for them to exchange knowledge and learn how to use these online tools in a constructive manner. Visit Website


ptr-myparentconnection-125sqMy Parent Connection provides comprehensive information about optimizing your chances of conception and general tips on how to maximize fertility and manage any infertility issues. For example the benefits of vitamin C for men and vitamin D for women is explained among many other naturally viable options in order to boost the likelihood of conception. Once pregnancy is achieved there is plenty more to help you through your pregnancy, again focusing more on nutritional and natural treatments that you can do all on your own. Home birthing is even a topic discussed and described in the article 9 Tips for a Successful Home Birth as well as in a few other very informative articles on the subject. Visit Website

ptr-forgetthejoneses-125sqForget the Joneses, at first glance, introduces very interesting discussions about some extreme lifestyle aspects that have grown into our modern culture and how it may be cluttering, constricting and consuming too much of our time, energy and money--and keeping us from attaining our true values, goals and dreams. The most valuable parts of ForgetTheJoneses, however, are the common sense tips that can make everyday family life a lot clearer and in turn, happier. Take for example the article about clearing clutter and how this can emotionally be cleansing as well. Or the section on goal setting, and how simply focusing, for a few moments on this, can bring you much closer to what will make you a much happier family. Visit Website

SimpleDressUpSimpleDressUp.com is a huge source of fun, interactive fashion games with a huge variety. Though dressing up is an integral part of that, that’s not all there is. The variety includes celebrity games, obviously dress up games and even kissing games.

Some of the most popular games include a Disney Princess dress up game, Cute Baby Nursery, Barbie Fashion Fever and Mermaid Love. The website SimpleDressUp.com also frequently comes out with new games to keep users happy. The website SimpleDressUp features an easy-to-use interface, which makes it even easier for kids to enjoy all the activities that the site has to offer.