our-favorite-photo-fix-apps-headerWhat you need to know about the latest photo fixing apps.

There’s an app for everything. One of the single the most searched mobile applications is photo fixing apps. If you look at any teenager to 35-year-old’s mobile device, you’re bound to find at least two photo apps. Instagram and its picture beautifying filters may have a lot to do with the obsession to constantly post airbrushed photos, but the trend has grown and so more photo fixing apps have been birthed. Here are a few of our favorite photo fixing apps.

5 Best Photo Fixing Apps

1. Photoshop Express: Open to both Android and iPhone users, this app is the ultimate photo fixing machine. Photoshop is revered as a top photo editor and anyone who downloads it will have the tools at their fingertips to post perfect photos all the time.


2. PicTapGo! Make all of your photos look professional with this app. Super quickly edit photos and add filters up to your desired intensity, preview the photo in real-time and the edits made with one single tap. The app also allows users to save their feature combos as “recipes” and that’s not the best part. Upload photos in full view or with a white magazine-esque background.

3. My Cam: This photo editing app allows users to manually or auto edit photos in their library. Change the look of photos by using the categories each having a set of different features and filters.


4. Camera+: This app allows you to capture photos in the shooting mode of your choice. You can change the photo’s settings and add features to it as well as borders.

5. Pixlr-o-matic: Designed to create vintage-style photos, there are more than 100 effects, nearly 200 borders, and over 275 overlays. Customize stored photos easily with the this app with its endless options.


6. PicsArt: Said to have more effects, features, and filters than any other in the market, this app allows all and the bonus of drawing on picture.

So, go ahead. We're giving you permission to take as many "selfies" as you want to try out these new photo editing apps!

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