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our-letterman-top-10Photo Credit: CBS

The moment we've been dreading is here. Tonight, David Letterman will say goodbye to millions of fans and step down as host from the Late Night Show after 22 years heading the beloved slot.

The final episode, which airs tonight at 11:35 PM on CBS, will feature the Foo Fighters, surprise guests, and Letterman's last top 10 list. In honor of the King of Late Night Television, here is our Letterman top 10. 

1. Madonna

 In 1994, Madonna joined David Letterman in what would be the most censored talk show chat in history. The Material Girl, who smoked a large cigar during the conversation, shocked the audience with her non-stop use of expletives like when she teasingly called Letterman a "sick f---." 

2.  Bill Murray

On Tuesday Bill Murray went on the second to last "Late Night Show," which was fitting since he was a guest when the first episode aired in 1993! He gave Letterman a proper send-off with plenty of cake and vodka shots. 

3. 9/11

Letterman was the first comedian to return to the air after the 9/11 attacks. His somber and emotional address offered hope to a country that was bowed by the tragedy. John Stewart and Howard Stern followed suit after Letterman's example.

4. The Very First Top 10 List

 Letterman will be delivering his last Top 10 list tonight. They've come a long way since he started doing them in 1985 - the very first list was "Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme With 'Peas.'"

5. Drew Barrymore

 Drew Barrymore gave Letterman a very memorable birthday present when she performed a dance on his desk and then flashed him. 

6. Cher

When asked why it had taken her so long to come to the Late Show, Cher replied that she had assumed David Letterman was an a--hole.

7. Lady Gaga

 In true Gaga fashion, Lady Gaga ate David Letterman's notes when she got bored with his questions - after declaring that she was Batman and suggesting Letterman go to work in his underwear.

8. Jay Leno

 Fans were hoping that Jay Leno would make an appearance on the final episode, but Letterman's producer have said he will not appear. You'll just have to watch this video of the two circa 1985.

9. Joaquin Phoenix

An unrecognizable Joaquin Phoenix appeared dazed and confused on David Letterman's show in 2009. He told the talk show host that he was going to be leaving Hollywood and starting a rap career. It all ended up being an act. 

10. President Obama

It's not every day that the President of the United States graces your show! President Obama seems to be a big fan, as he has appeared on the show three times as POTUS and eight times overall. 

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