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It's about that time - when every publication makes their predictions for what's going to happen in the upcoming year. So we're throwing our hats into the proverbial ring and forecasting some trends or making some predictions about what will be happening and what the world will be up to in the new year. 

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Cauliflower might be the new kale - it's a great paleo and keto friendly substitute for all your favorite carbs, of course, and it can take on tons of different flavors and textures, making it versatile enough for plenty of different cuisines.

Speaking of substitutes, nutritional yeast has long been a vegan-friendly way to add unami to various dishes, and given its health benefits, it might become a popular choice for omnivores as well! 

So-called "ugly" fruits and vegetables are also going to end up on your plate; the idea is to reduce food waste and use all of our resources at hand - even if these this leads to atypical or less visually appetizing dishes than we're used to! Besides, all your food ends up in the same place and in many dishes, you can't even tell what the ingredients originally looked like anyways. 

iStock-625740704 CroppedFashion And Decor

We think that we'll see a major upswing in the popularity of more modest fashions - for stylistic preferences, not religious reasons. Also dystopian and quasi-futuristic or sci-fi styles will be on the rise, along with tech fabrics. The geeks and nerds are starting to rule the fashion world too!

Minimalism will also become even more popular, with the idea of capsule wardrobes and only owning items that "spark joy" (a.k.a. the Kon-Mari method) will further influence the mainstream. 

iStock-627001002 CroppedHealth

Supplements referred to as adaptogens might start making their way into your local Whole Foods - known to improve your body's response to stress, these might be might your new favorite favorite smoothie or juice ingredient. Adaptogens can also come in the form of supplements.

Foods that aim to improve or maintain digestive health or a good "gut feeling" are going to be important as well - with knowledge and awareness of allergies and digestive sensitivities becoming increasingly common, restaurants and food and beverage companies are going to cater to this growing need with specialized options, supplements, and meals. 

Finally, there might be a slight shift in the wellness sphere from the spiritual or the "woo" to the more scientific and sensory aspects of things like yoga and meditation. After all, even if you're of the skeptical perspective, there's no denying the health benefits that stem from practices like these. 

Entertainment And Your Social World

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Things are about to get rather rosy on the entertainment front - with all the political, environmental, and economic uncertainties as the calendar turns to 2017, people are looking for an escape - and Hollywood will be delivering with fantasy, romance, and comedy that will send you to a different world for a couple hours.

Or perhaps less, as short-form or serial stories are a growing trend thanks at least in part to our collective predilection for snackable or bite-size chunks of content that are right at home on social media. 

Closer to home, formerly digitally or social media-driven woman-driven or female-led community gatherings and in-person meetups might become more of a regular and accessible activity, along with wellness clubs in general! 

Not only does it get us all out from behind our many screens and devices, it has been shown that being active socially, supporting each other, and generally engaging with the community is great for individual wellness and group empowerment - especially for women. Humans are social animals, after all, and while we're a little biased, we think the idea of real life women's forums becoming more popular in 2017 is simply fantastic. 



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