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overnight-camping-at-walmartOn Your Way Cross Country?  Take Advantage of Free Safe Camping Stopovers.

For a slightly different take on camping, toss the tents and nature aside and check out the overnight camping at Walmart. Now, while this sounds very strange, camping overnight at Walmart stores has become highly popular since 1999.  So much so that there is a Walmart overnight camping policy and even a club for RV owners.

Walmart Camping Leads to Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Of course, this so called metro camping is not meant for long camping trips, but is meant purely as an overnight stop for those travelling far distances. The Walmart overnight camping policy is to offer this convenience for free to its customers.

Many camping grounds disagree, though, saying that the overnight camping at Walmart is putting them out of business. If you think about it, with camp grounds charging between $25 and $40 for an overnight stay, it does make sense that many people are camping overnight at Walmart instead. While there are no ablution facilities or electricity points as the camp grounds offer, the convenience factor of being right outside a chain-store is appealing for folks who are on their way to somewhere else first thing in the morning.

Why Camp at Walmart?

The free camping policy that Walmart extends to offer RV owners a safe place to camp for the night that is conveniently en route to their destination. There are over 4000 stores located across North America, which means that campers can choose to stop almost whenever they want to rest for the night without the hassle of finding a camp ground.

Stores That Allow Overnight Camping in the Parking Lot

It is not only Walmart that is offering metro camping. Stores like K-Mart, Costco and others are also offering their parking lots as overnight camping stops. With camping trips and RV's becoming more and more popular, the overnight facilities are providing a safe place for families to stop and rest, get food, and relax before heading off again the next day.

We all know the dangers of driving when we are tired, so the overnight camping at Walmart offers some peace of mind.

Campgrounds Vs. Parking Lots

Camp grounds are not to be forgotten completely, however, as they do provide the perfect facilities for longer camping trips and it is great to be able to relax in a natural setting. Most camping grounds also have activities like fishing and sports and are great for the kids. If you want to travel a far distance though, you should keep in mind that camping overnight at Walmart is an option so that you don't have to pull an all-nighter and risk your safety.

Taking the family on a vacation is great, either over the weekend, or for the summer. It is great to know that you have the convenience of overnight camping at Walmart and a safe place to camp in any city you happen to be in. The Walmart overnight camping policy means that you don't have to fork out a lot of money during your summer vacation each time you want to rest for the night as it is free. Not only this, but you and your kids will be able to buy whatever you need during your vacation.

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