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16139-owning-your-social-media-mistakes-mainPhoto Credit: ABC

It happens with a simple but incorrect click of a mouse or tap on your phone. A joke intended for a few coworkers was sent to the entire company. An intentional direct message on Twitter goes out to all of your followers. Social media flubs have become a part of our daily lives and sidestepping their aftermath is an art in and of itself. 

Celebrities are in the unfortunate position of having their social media mistakes broadcast to the entire world, whereas you may just suffer a few hundred or thousand views.

Lucky for us, their blunders have provided a wealth of examples showing how and how not to handle the messy situation. We took a look at the different approaches celebrities have taken to counter a social media backlash, so that us non-Hollywood elite can handle our own little mishaps. 

1. Flat Out Denial

When Anthony Weiner found himself caught up in a sexting controversy, he went the route of lying about being hacked. Well, the public just didn't buy it. Slowly but surely, his sexting recipients came forward and Weiner's political career was as good as gone. 

The above video shows the denial approach fall apart when Weiner fails to convince a reporter of his innocence during a television interview. The lesson here is that when the public is out for blood, hiding behind a flimsy story wont protect you.

2. Digging Yourself Deeper

If you thought being universally disliked as a drug addicted loud mouth would get him to pump the brakes on Twitter tirades, then you don't know Charlie Sheen. You could teach a course on public relations no-no's with the actor's Twitter account as your lone textbook.

His most recent rant was directed at his ex-wife Denise Richards on Father's Day when he tweeted, "Denise Richards is a shake down piece of s–t doosh phace & worst mom alive!” calling her a "despicable charlatan who sux ISIs ass!!!!"

Richards, on the flip side, provided a great example of how to react when you're the subject of a social media meltdown, sending out this tweet on the following day:

3. Owning It

It's plain to see that Amy Schumer is one of the top up and coming entertainers of our time. Like all comedians, it took time for Schumer to hone her craft. Her past is full of failed bad jokes that suffer in structure, timing, and content. When one of those old jokes resurfaced with a bit of controversy, Schumer owned up to the mistake, apologized to anyone she offended, and stood up for her integrity as a comedian. 

Owning your social media mistakes is clearly the best option. Schumer managed to come out of this controversy with her fans on her side, looking even better in the public eye.

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