packlight2Ways to pack less and wear more during your time home with family.

Family is expecting you home for the holidays, but you might only be able to come home for the weekend. Sometimes you don’t even have much warning you’ll make it home for the holidays and you need to pack the night before you leave at last minute’s notice.

Here’s a packing survival list on how to pack light for travel when you are only going on a quick visit home for the holidays.

 How To Pack Light

  • Choose a color palate that you can build other outfits around.
  • Build your outfits by spreading them out on your bed. If you aren’t good at eyeing combinations, try each outfit on before deciding.
  • You should only need one semi-dressy outfit for a just-in-case situation.
  • If you’re having trouble coming up with a palate, choose neutral colors for all of your outfits. This is the best way to pack for a short trip because you won’t risk people wondering why you’ve been wearing a bright yellow dress three different ways for three days straight.
  • Combine all of your personal accessories into one purse or one bag.
  • Tuck-in long tunics (preferably a neutral color) are a great option to make a combination of outfits from.
  • Choose a pair of shoes that will go with every outfit. This is a perfect situation to understand why choosing neutral colors is so important—for the simple shoe solution).

To help with packing in a small suitcase, watch this fold-then-roll packing tutorial for maximum space in a small duffle bag or small suitcase.

Remember, you will never want to wear your fourteenth favorite shirt on vacation if you don’t normally wear it once every three days, so leave it in the closet.

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