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Pamela Anderson is divorcing her husband after six months of marriage.

Well, history repeats itself. Pamela Anderson, 47, is splitting from husband Richard Salomon, 46, for the second time. Anderson filed for divorce on Thursday July 3 after being married for just six months. The couple originally got hitched back in 2007 and weeks later annulled the marriage on the basis of fraud.

Years later, their paths crossed again and the two decided to give it another shot when they remarried on January 9 of this year. While it was heartwarming to see the two reunite, friends were skeptical and wondered if anything had really changed between the on-again, off-again pair.

Anderson’s friend revealed that the Baywatch bombshell was regretting her vows again.

"[Pamela] starting to regret marrying. It definitely won’t last," revealed the insider. "She likes bad boys and he’s too nice and boring. She had reservations, and now she realizes she should have listened to her instinct. She regrets ever saying yes."

In happier times, Anderson seemed excited about the next chapter of her life with Salomon. Anderson appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show in October and joked, "It’s recycling."

She went on to say, "No. I’m very happy We’re happy. He’s a great guy."

This will be Anderson’s third failed marriage. The Playboy model has also been married to Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, with whom she has two sons, Brandon and Dylan.

Photo Credit: Twitter

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