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iStock-576723816 CroppedEvery year, Pantone - the design world's color authority - introduces their color of the year, which then influences and filters down into all sorts of fashion, home decor, and similar types of products. (Yes, somewhat like Miranda Priestley describes in Devil Wears Prada.) 

This year's shade is "Greenery, a sunny, cheerful, and dare we say optimistic light green. Described as a life affirming shade meant to symbolize the concepts of revitalization and reconnection - something that we could probably all use after a tumultuous year!

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 1.23.37 PM Cropped

We can see this color being perfect for spring and summer fashion, as well as working throughout the year as a way to liven up neutrals. In fact, Greenery might be your new "pop" of color because this spring green is unexpected but plays well with the whole range of neutrals - we're picturing it with navy or charcoal gray in particular.

Of course, Pantone has a whole range of pairings and color palettes featuring Greenery, so you can start to imagine the possibilities and get ideas as to how you might like to use this color to bring some optimism to your aesthetic or environment in 2017.

In the home, "greenery" hued accessories would be a great update to a bathroom or kitchen in particular. Can't you just picture a stand mixer or crockery in this color, or perhaps a new set of towels? It could also be fun color for a phone or tablet case, or even the gadgets themselves.

We're excited to see what the designers of the world create with the 2017 Pantone color of the year!




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