Legging and Pantyhose Fashion Mistakes Avoided

This winter leggings are all the rage once again. Worn with slouchy boots and an over sized sweater or sweatshirt for a hipster fashion look, or with a sober skirt and blouse ensemble, leggings are the go-to garment for everyday winter wear. But beware of legging and panty hose fashion mistakes. One oft-reported pantyhose faux pas is a weak crotch seam ripping when we've decided to wear leggings as pants or with a too-short skirt. Murphy's law dictates that this will always happen on a date or other event where going home to change is not an option. We might as well have worn crotchless panties! So the search for quality, durable cotton crotch pantyhose remains the task at hand.  With all the selection out there, you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to find something we can feel secure in, but still the pantyhose discussion continues as we try to find the best winter leggings around.

What do we want in a pair of tights? Can great quality and craftsmanship be affordable? The answer is yes, but it's important that we are mindful of the product we buy. Control top, comfort stretch, no ride, and fine design, It's not always easy to have all of our criteria met in one, holy pair of hose.

The first question we should ask ourselves is, what weight of pantyhose is right for the weather?  Will common opaque tights keep your pegs warm all winter or will you need to upgrade every month or so until you're all bundled up in a thick, cotton/poly blend winter legging?  A happy medium for most of us outside of Siberia is an opaque rib tight which, if a synthetic blend, should shield us from evil gusts of cold wind.  Check the seams (if there are any), especially at the crotch, to make sure they're nice and strong to avoid any pantyhose mishaps. And how about bold colors and patterns? How bold is too bold? Well, for most of us in the normal world of motherhood might not want to go too wild, but why not?  Sometimes a bold print or a nice contrasting color can add a little verve to an otherwise bland winter outfit and put a little extra swing in our step, keeping the blahs at bay.

If you do find that ideal pair of tights or leggings that will last all year, and that are supremely comfortable and a real bargain, don't be stingy. Share the love! As a pair of gift leggings are always much appreciated, especially for a loved one who might not have the time to spend finding that perfect pair.

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