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pap-smear-checkupsCervical Cancer Awareness

The infamous pap smear test. If you have yet to engage in one of them, you may have a lot of questions. Relax, this form of test has been performed for years and has additionally saved millions of lives in the process. Pap smear checkups can make all the difference in your female health pathology, so they are a very crucial part of being a woman.

Monitoring Vaginal Health

Taking excellent care of yourself as a woman starts with a good relationship with your gynecologist. If you do not have one yet, start looking and ask friends if they have someone they trust and like. Next, depending on your age, you will want to have all of the necessary testing done to ensure you are in good health and have no issues that need resolution.  

Your gynecologist will perform various tests such as cervical cancer HPV screenings, especially in young females. These are two of the most common conditions that can effect a female's life. HPV, or human papillomavirus is a very common condition that can be prevented with the HPV vaccination. HPV can lead to cervical cancer. In most cases of cervical cancer, there was a present HPV condition prior to developing the cancerous cells.

Pap Smear Checkups

Pap smear checkups are imperative, even though some may find them to be a bit uninviting. The doctor generally uses a speculum which is a tool that opens the cervix, and then inserts a testing swab. The physician takes the sample from the cells of the cervix and places them on a glass slide that is then sent off to a lab that will produce the results. Those results usually take around three weeks to receive back.  

In the event your pap smear results come back to the doctor as positive for any issues, they will advise you and go forward with additional testing if necessary. Young women should seek out these types of tests as soon as they make the decision to become sexually active. Some parents expect their daughters to begin visiting the gynecologist when they have already engaged in intercourse, but many doctors will advise this may be too late. It is best to have young women begin going to the gynocologist in their late teens. Your family practice doctor or pediatrician can advise you on which age is best for your child.

Be sure to advise your gynecologist of any past family medical history that relates to female ailments, particularly in the reproductive arena. There may be an underlying pathology that can lead to your own issue if not properly planned for. You may be at risk for something that you can bypass by a simple pap smear checkup with your local gynecologist, so don't hesitate to make an appointment today.

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