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Poetry with Kids

Poetry is a great form of parent child bonding. It gives parents and children the opportunity to laugh, express their love, or work through life's problems together. To use poetry to create memories, make a book of poems with your child that you can add to together as your child grows. It's simple; just follow these steps.

Create a Book of Poems Together

Step 1:

Purchase a scrapbook from your local craft store. There are several different kinds of scrapbooks to choose. Three ring photo albums work well for editing because they allow you to add and remove pages easily, but any kind will do.

Step 2:

Use the first page to mark the date that you and your child are writing a book of poems together. Including a short dedication to your child is a nice touch as well. As you fill the book, make sure to include a date on each new entry. This will help keep the book, as well as your memories, organized.

Step 3:

There are several ways to write parent child poems. Try some of these suggestions or be creative and make up your own poetry activity. Just remember to involve your child so that you can use the time for a little parent child bonding.

If your child is very young, start out with a simple poem about something he is learning like colors, numbers or textures. Have him do a corresponding art project. Print out a coloring sheet of things that are typically the color red. Read the poem below and then have your child color or paint the sheet red.

Red is an apple
Red is a rose
Red is the color
Of My cold little nose

Write the poem on one page and paste the colored sheet on the other.

As your child gets a little older, try some more challenging poetry activities for kids. Choose a poem that relates to her life. Read the poem aloud and then discuss what it means. You can print out the poem on decorative paper or hand write it on stationary. Have your child draw a picture of their interpretation of the poem. Again, use one page for the poem and one for your child's drawing. You can then help your child create her own poem about the subject. Try making a 5 senses poem. Write the words, "I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I feel," on a piece of paper, each statement on its own line. Have your child fill in the blanks with descriptive terms such as, "I see the colors of fall leaves all around." If your child can't write on her own, record her words for her.

Another fun idea is to use a Mad Libs activity book to create a poem with your child. Buy a Mad Libs book at your local drug store and pick out a few poems that you think your child would like. Read the poems together and have your child fill in the blank spaces with words of his choosing. Add the completed poems to your book. This is a great way to show your child that they can not only enjoy poetry, but create it as well. Best of all, he will be too busy being silly to notice that it is a lesson in grammar. Sneaky!

Poetry can be a great way for adolescents to express themselves. Try having your pre-teen or teenager pick out and print song lyrics from her favorite musician or group. Read them aloud together and discuss how they relate to your lives. This activity will open up your child’s eyes to the fact that a song lyric is just poetry set to music. At this stage, your child may not want to share her poetry with you and that's fine. Encourage her to keep writing and adding things to the book on her own.

By creating a book of parent child poems you will create experiences and memories that will your deepen your bond with your child, and when your little one grows up, he or she will have a keepsake that will become a treasured family heirloom.

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