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Photo Credit: Instagram | Vine

DISCLAIMER: Video and photo of lips after challenge are within article. Media may be upsetting to some. 

A recent WomensForum story about what is being called #TheKylieJennerChallenge lit up social media as parents became aware of this new teen behavior.

In an attempt to imitate the youngest member of the mega-famous Kardashians, teens are attempting to pucker up by sucking up - literally sucking the air out of glasses, bottles and any container they can get their hands on to plump up their lips.

While #TheKylieJennerChallenge skips injections, plumpers or even going overboard with lip-liner, the makeshift at-home cupping procedure teens are trying on their own can have some serious health consequences. 

Teens are sharing videos across social media of themselves and friends forcing their lips into bottles and shot glasses and sucking the air out, many times leaving their mouths purple and bruised. 

But doctors warn doing this over and over can lead to more than a painful looking pout. Breaking blood vessels and damaging underlying facial muscles can create permanent problems like scar tissue and damage to the structure of the lips.

parent-warning-a-dangerous-teen-trend-lipsPhoto Credit: Instagram

Because the cup technique teens are trying uses glass, the containers can break or shatter causing severe damage to the face.

Ironically, doctors say this new trend can actually damage the collagen that naturally plumps up the lips.

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