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New study says having “the talk” with your teens isn’t so embarrassing anymore.

According to a new study, the internet and social media have kids and teens are more aware about the “birds and the bees." It also states that teens and their parents aren’t as embarrassed as they once were to have the sex talk. However, even though they're willing to have "the talk" they still aren't talking about sex as often as they should.

Planned Parenthood and New York University’s Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health surveyed a 1,663 pairs of parents and their children, ages 9-21 for the study.

They found that 8 in 10 young people have talked to their parents about sex. Half of the parents said they started talking to their kids by age 10 and 80 percent began the conversation by age 13.

While this data showed that parents and their teens are talking about sexuality, they aren’t doing it as frequently as they should or aren’t talking about specifics. Over 20 percent of parents said they’d never talked to their 15-21-year-olds about abstinence strategies, methods of birth control, or where to get accurate sexual health information, and over 30 percent hadn’t talked to their kids about where to get reproductive health services. Parents also aren’t talking to their kids about their beliefs on abstinence or waiting to have sex until they’re ready.

To help your teens, teach them about Planned Parenthood’s text sex education program, which allows teens to chat in real-time with a Planned Parenthood staff member or the Awkward or Not app, an online quiz that gives teens the chance to send their parents a text to start a conversation about dating and sex.

Since the study proves teens and their parents aren’t embarrassed to talk about sex, it’s time to open up the conversation!

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