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Among the hottest baby names of the moment? Lux, Valencia, Juno, Amaro, and Reyes. And yes, as every Instagram devotee knows, these are the names of some of the popular filters that promise to give your latest Insta that extra pop. 

According to BabyCenter's most popular baby names of 2015 list which draws from more than 340,000, naming your precious offspring after trendy Instagram filters has become almost de rigeur. Lux, a photo-enhancing feature, especially made the jump - the name's popularity rose by 75 percent from last year for little boys.


LUX Effect. Photo Credit: instagramtipsandtricks.blogspot.com

While pop culture has definitely influenced baby names in the past, it's the first time the site has reported a trend in monikers taken from social media. What's going to be popular for 2016? We're guessing millennial parents will have to start looking towards their favorite Snapchat filters for name inspo!

Naming your precious offspring after trendy Instagram filters like Lux, Valencia 
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