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better-brainsLearn about Katharine and Bill's mission to help parents understand a child's brain growth during developmental challenges.

As parents together of five young former high-school athletes, experienced sports coaches and past caretakers of elderly parents, Katharine and Bill are well-acquainted with the bio-psychosocial consequences of sports-related concussions and diseases of aging, including dementias. Thus, they are clinician scientists who live in the real world.

What We Do

Recently the White's launched Brain In Play – a brain health, wellness, and performance enhancement business based on an all-natural patent pending solution (no supplements or meds) called Brain Performance Enhancement which optimizes the functioning, preservation and growth of brain cells. In Bigger, Better Brains we will offer teaching and guidance tips to parents on how to support children to be as brain healthy and safe as possible, given the real world child and adolescent developmental challenges, such as contact and collision sports, alcohol and drug exposure, bullying and the ultimate double whammy of decreasing parental supervision and experiences of increasing risk.

Why We Do What We Do

Simply put, we love the brain and we know how incredibly important it is to everything we do in life. Being the parents of five children, we also know the risks to brain health and safety of growing up in this increasingly complex and diverse world. We are child advocates at heart. Because we are behavioral scientists/clinicians, focused on the brain and concussion experts, we know the very latest research science on the red hot topic youth sports and brain health…and the news isn’t good. In fact, the Institute of Medicine has just completed a special investigation on youth sports concussions and concludes we need to be equally as worried about sub-concussions (which accumulate and cause damage to brain cells) and concerned about all youth sports that involve contact with other players and the ball (i.e. soccer).

While we work with major league professional teams, health plans, and care-providers, we feel it is important to give something back. We remember sometimes learning the hard way about some pretty important parenting things. The bottom line is there is nothing more important than your child’s brain!Kid-playing-soccer

Katharine's Bigger, Better Brains Tip of the Day

If you ever suspect that your child has had a concussion and the coach doesn’t immediately stop the game and attend to your child, do whatever you have to do to make that happen. This includes, if necessary, walking on the field, ice, or court. As you will soon learn during a segment we will do shortly with young brains in particular, a second concussion during the same game could be extremely damaging or fatal. This is called second impact syndrome (we will soon introduce a campaign called “Getting To Zero – Eliminating Second Impact Syndrome”).

To learn more about brain performance enhancement, Katharine's Brain In Play.


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