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ToriStuart-170hI am a mom, wife, daughter, and friend, and last but not least, an entrepreneur. I never considered myself an entrepreneur; it’s just in my blood and has been handed down from the past couple generations. My first business was a lemonade stand. Who was to know that this roadside stand was the harbinger of things to come? Through high school and college, I continued to start other small businesses, then continued as an “intra-preneur” in the New York City rat race two weeks after graduating from college.

With a decade of business experience under my belt including sales, marketing, and consulting, I decided I was ready to go out on my own with the founding of Zoe Foods, a natural foods manufacturer. At its height, the company’s granolas were ranked in the top ten and the company was named as one of Fast Company’s Fast 50 for Innovation.


Mompreneur Musings & The Quest For Balance talks about the challenges I faced while running Zoe Foods for 10 years, and my current search for a new career that will also allow me the time to focus on being a mom to two little girls, a wife, a friend, and a daughter. I am trying to create more balance in my life, knowing now that balance among career, family, and self occurs over one’s lifetime rather than in each day. Please join me on my journey and share your own experiences.

Keep dreaming, keep believing, keep achieving.


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