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Across the U.S., there are plenty of hot spots to watch this year's World Cup.

There are two kinds of people watching the World Cup games at bars: the ones who are die hard fans with painted faces, and the ones who are just there to eat and drink and are using the World Cup as an excuse. This year's World Cup is already becoming an incredibly popular in the U.S. due to the incredible win over Ghana. For those who don't want to sit at home and watch, there are plenty of places in the U.S. that are perfect for watching the big games. Food & Wine editor Kate Krader picked the country's top ten. 

diy-soccer-ball-cupcake-recipeCreate these delicious treats for your World Cup celebration.

Finish off that World Cup party with these delicious Soccer Ball Cupcakes! Easy to put together and fun to make, these cupcakes will be perfect for your celebration. Take time with the kids before the party to put together these two different types of cupcakes.

fashion-and-sports-collide-supermodels-support-world-cup-headerThe FIFA World Cup is getting some sexy support!

Brazil truly has a lot to offer. Not only do they produce some stellar soccer stars, but they have a handful of gorgeous supermodels as well. And when these two collide, we can’t help but take notice. 

Music-and-SoccerMusic hopefuls invited to make rhythm at the 2014 FIFA World Cup

If the attraction of two all-star soccer teams wasn't enough, music hopefuls have been invited to submit their talents to the Official Album of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Sponsored by Sony, the SuperSong contest will be judged by a list of rhythm aficionados. As the "SuperSong" contest closed on January 6, 2014, judges are currently working to narrow the list down to the Top 20.

2014-world-cup-top-anthemsEvery World Cup has their very own anthem, and we decided on our top favorites.

After the amazing World Cup kickoff performance by Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez, who wouldn't be blasting "We Are One" around the house? We can't get enough of it, and the music video gets us pumped for the rest of the games. But what about other World Cup songs? Turns out every World Cup has a trendy anthem to go with it, which is performed at the beginning of the games. After searching for these songs and getting a good listen, we chose our four favorites. Oh, and you may recognize them!

best-snacks-during-a-soccer-game-headerMunch on some of these yummy snacks while watching a soccer game! 

It’s the time of year for soccer and with any sporting event comes tasty snacks (at least in our opinion)! If it’s just you and the family, you may want to consider some healthy yet tasty snacks the whole family will love. If it’s a big gathering of friends and family, the adults may want something a little greasier than carrots and dip! Here are some top snack choices to eat during a soccer game. 

jennifer-lopez--will-not-perform-at-world-cup-headerOriginal reports noted the singer canceled her World Cup performance with Pitbull...

The singer's rep told E! News in a statement that they "can confirm the accuracy of FIFA's statement. Regretfully Jennifer Lopez will not be attending this year's World Cup opening ceremonies." But don't dispair...J. Lo's rep said the singer will be at the World Cup. 

5-essentials-for-your-world-cup-party-slideshowThrow the best World Cup party with these five party tips!

Planning a World Cup party, but no idea what to prepare and what to do? From activities to food ideas, these five ideas will help you plan the best world cup party to date!


2-brazilian-coffee-cocktail-recipeGet the rich coffee taste of Brazil with this coffee cocktail recipe!

Even if you're not a World Cup fan, there's nothing that says you can't enjoy the perks of game watching. Of course, there are snacks and desserts. And then there are cocktails! Get in the spirit of the games with a deliciously fun Brazilian Coffee Cocktail. It's fast and easy to make and sure to refresh your mind and body and get you in the mood for the big games.

Brazilian-Cinnamon-Donut-HolesGet your sweet tooth ready for the World Cup with this yummy Brazilian Cinnamon Donut Holes recipe!

Who knew that these delicious cinnamon donut holes would be popular in Brazil? Also known as "raindrop" donuts, these donuts are the perfect treat to have after finishing your brazilian meal. Easy, fast and fun to make, the kids will love the sweet sugar, and you'll love having a fun family snack to eat during the 2014 World Cup!