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Passover is one of the most meaningful ancient religious celebrations practiced by any religion. If you've been invited to celebrate Passover at someone else's home this year, take advantage of the break from preparing for the event by selecting some meaningful Passover gifts for your hosts. And remember that Passover starts April 11th this year! 

Passover Seder Gifts

Whether you are a devout Jew who has celebrated Passover many times or new to the Seder feast, knowing what to bring as a Passover hostess gift can leave you scratching your head. Passover is often a somber occasion full of importance and meaning. Everything about the day is choreographed and designed to add to the spiritual nature of the holiday. Add to that dietary restrictions and other religious limitations and it becomes clear why you can't just run over to the store and pick up a cake or pie.

Fortunately, there are some traditional Passover gifts that are always welcome and useful at a Seder supper. Pick something off this list and you are sure to please your hostess with your thoughtfulness and generosity.

Top Passover Gift Ideas

  • Flowers: Flowers, though not officially part of Passover or Seder are often used to celebrate the occasion. Spring blooms like hyacinths, daffodils, blue bells, tulips and narcissus are especially pertinent since they convey the joy of spring and symbolize freedom and renewal. This is one gift that is guaranteed to please and can never go wrong. 
  • Red Wine: Wine plays an important role in the Passover feast, so bringing a bottle of kosher wine is an excellent idea.
  • Serving Pieces: Because the Seder feast is at the center of Passover, serving pieces and dishes are common gifts. Your hostess may already have received plenty of bowls and platters in the past, so consider something else for the table. Candlesticks, place card holders, vases, carafes, and linens are less common choices that will be greatly appreciated.
  • Matzo Cover: If you are handy with a needle, consider embroidering or otherwise embellishing a matzo cover for the table. Taking the time to make something by hand is often the best way to express gratitude.
  • Kosher Sweets: In addition to the regular dietary restrictions in place for orthodox Jews, Passover requires further steps be taken with food. Of course, this doesn't make Passover any less of a feast! Sweets and treats are often welcome at the Passover table, but they must be kosher. When in doubt, shop at a Jewish store or deli. People there can help you choose the right thing for the occasion. You can also find a wide selection of Passover recipes and treats online.
  • Religious Gifts: Of course, Passover is a wonderful time to give religious gifts intended for the holiday. You could get a Seder plate, copy of the Haggadah, matzo tray, or Elijah cup to celebrate the religious aspects of the day. Beeswax candles and kosher soaps are also a nice idea.

Whatever gift you choose, include a warm, heartfelt note of thanks for your hosts. Passover is an elaborate and time-consuming event. It is always gracious to invite others over for the day. Perhaps the best gift of all would be to offer to host next year!  

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