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paula-deens-30-lb-weight-loss-dietPaula Deen May Be Famous For Butter, But She's Made Some Changes.

Paula Deen: she’s been the Food Network queen of butter and an active advocate of the deep-fryer. But when she revealed in January 2012 that she has type 2 diabetes- a diagnosis she’s been keeping undercover for three years- a Paula Deen diabetes uproar started. Critics bashed her for her unhealthy cooking, as Paula Deen recipes are often loaded with carbs and butter. She even declared when she was on the Oprah show, “Honey, I’m your cook, not your doctor!” However, Paula Deen, Food Network star, fought back, scale in hand. A Paula Deen weight loss ensued, and the star lost a whopping 30 pounds.

How Did Paula Deen Lose Weight?

Sure, Paula Deen lost weight, but how did such a carb lover do it? You might even look at her success and think, “How can I lose weight?

  • First things first, she’s changed her mindset. Paula Deen says that she thinks about food differently after years of cooking carb-packed recipes.
  • Now, she keeps her carbs and butter to a minimum, while focusing on trying to eat more green salads and vegetables.
  • And as for new Paula Deen desserts? She now opts for sugar-free ice cream with berries on top.

Don’t forget the fried foods- actually, do forget the fried foods. They’re not on the Paula Deen diet menu anymore. Paula Deen also told People magazine that she has tried to cut white foods out of her diet, such as potatoes, a southern food staple. She has been going for simple swaps as well, such as going for mustard instead of ketchup.

In addition to the diet, she’s been working out for the first time since high school, when she was a cheerleader. The working out and weight loss has been making Paual Deen feel better and improving her health overall, she says.

These haven’t been drastic changes, though. Paula Deen told ABC’s “The Chew” that it’s been all about moderation. The Food Network start didn’t want to change her entire lifestyle, so she made small, simple changes over a long period of time. She still eats carbs- however, “just a spoonful,” she says. The small changes have worked, though. Not only has Paula Deen dropped 30 pounds, but she’s gone from a size 18 to a size 10.

Paula Deen’s Diabetes

A healthy lifestyle and losing weight is one of the biggest factors in fighting against diabetes. It may even be as effective, if not more so, than medication. This is because weight gain decreases the body’s ability to respond to its own insulin. Weight loss will reverse those effects. Paul Deen also regulates her insulin with a daily injection, and all of this added together has helped her in improving her health. Though diabetes can’t be “cured,” living a healthy lifestyle and keeping up that lifestyle can keep it at bay.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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