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perez-hilton-weight-loss-videoAngry Celebrities Can No Longer Make Fun of this Blogger's Weight.

Perez Hilton, celebrity gossip connoisseur and self-proclaimed “Queen of Media,” has sort of become a celebrity himself through his website perezhilton.com. Perez Hilton got famous for his wit and loud-mouth personality, but has also had a chubby image, starting his weight loss journey at a very heavy weight.

Well, Perez Hilton lost weight- and not just a couple of pounds, either. Perez Hilton has lost 70 pounds. He’s been showing off his new, buff bod that is a huge difference from his old one His commitment helped Perez Hilton lose weight, and he did it the old-fashioned way.

Perez Hilton Weight Loss Video

Perez Hilton has posted an annual shirtless video on the 4th of July since 2008, the beginning of the Perez Hilton weight loss journey. This year’s video especially showed his shocking weight loss. The video starts with him in a robe, only showing off the new facial hair, and he strips down to nothing but a speedo, flexing and showing off the new body. Perez Hilton, real name Mario Lavanderia, says he does the video to take accountability for his health, document his journey and hopefully inspire others. He emphasizes in the video that he’s seen a direct correlation in his health and happiness, saying the healthier he is, the happier he is.

How Did Perez Hilton Lose Weight?

So, how did Perez Hilton lose weight after all? You might even look at his shocking weight loss and think “How do I lose weight?” Well, if you’re looking for fast weight loss, don’t look at Perez Hilton. He told SHAPE magazine that it’s been a four-year struggle. What did Perez Hilton do to lose weight? Take a look:

  • He’s partnered with FitOrbit, which aims to make nutritionists and personal trainers accessible and affordable.
  • Those who have thought about a Perez Hilton weight loss surgery are wrong on this one, he says. He’s had to fight off rumors that he’s gone under the knife for his new chiseled look, and that he did it by eating healthy and working out regularly since he made his weight loss commitment.
  • Perez Hilton’s workout regime is an intense one, he says. He goes to the gym Monday-Thursday, does Pilates Friday and Saturday and does yoga on Sundays. In addition, he tries to ride his bike on weekends and hikes a couple of times a week.
  • He has his meals delivered, which he says makes a huge difference. For those who don’t have that advantage, he advises that they get a healthy cookbook and cook two meals a week in advance.

Perez Hilton’s weight loss has gotten plenty of attention, and he seems proud of it, flaunting his bod on a LOGO award show red carpet. He even started FitPerez.com in 2010, a website which features healthy recipes, celebrity fitness tips and celebrity fitness news. He says he’s still working on improving and hopes to encourage others. What’s for sure is that it’s a drastic change and this celebrity gossip blogger has made headlines himself with this shocking weight loss.

Photo Credit: PR Photos

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