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Home Valentine's Day 9 Perfect Valentine’s Day Manicures

9 Perfect Valentine’s Day Manicures

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  • Dry Brush Mani

    Dry Brush Mani

    Easy, creative and artistic! Dry brush nails are in so make this fab design using white, red and pink polish! 

    Photo Credit: Jamylyn Nails

  • Cinderella Nails

    Cinderella Nails

    Nothing says love like painting one of the greatest love stories on your nails! 

    Photo Credit: Simple Nail Art Designs

  • Polka Dots

    Polka Dots

    If you want something simple, go with a red base and white polka dots. There’s also a little Minnie Mouse inspiration there too! 

    Photo Credit: Karen G Nails

  • Heart French Tips

    Heart French Tips

    This funky take on the classic French manicure will have people obsessed with your nails!

    Photo Credit: The Nail Trail 

  • Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink

    We love these pink nails! Be unique with various hues of pink and get creative with horizontal or vertical stripes. 

    Photo Credit: Alicia T Nails

  • Pink Confetti

    Pink Confetti

    Using a confetti or glitter top coat is the easiest way to take your manicure to the next level! Start with a pink or red base and add style with a glittery top coat.  

    Photo Credit: Chelsea Queen

  • Candy Hearts

    Candy Hearts

    Pay tribute to your favorite Valentine’s Day candies! 

    Photo Credit: Miss Lady Finger

  • Matte French Tip

    Matte French Tip

    Paint four nails red with a matte top coat followed by a glossy French, then add some hearts and glitter to the remaining nail! 

    Photo Credit: Steph Stone Nails

  • Stiletto Bling

    Stiletto Bling

    The stiletto nail is all the rage now so style yours with lots of decals and bling for V-Day!

    Photo Credit: Ciao Manhattan 2012

valentinesday-maniuresWe are definitely feeling the love this year… with our nails! This Valentine’s Day, give your nails a stylish do for the most romantic day of the year. If you’re lost on some cute ideas, check out our list along with photos so you can recreate your favorite looks. Love may be in the air but you also need it on your nails. 

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