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Before any woman had her own personal she shed in her backyard, she had her own personal locker in the school hallway. To some, the limiting size of a locker means using it just to store your books, but for others it poses a creative decorating challenge. Here are a few ideas to help you help your pre-teens or teens add a little pizzaz and personality to their locker. 

1. Bring In Some (Fake) Greenery

locker-flowersPhoto Credit: Mommity

Obviously, it’s nearly impossible to grow any sort of greenery in a small box that barely gets any direct sunlight (if it all), so if you want to add some plant life to your locker, you'll have to make it fake. Felt or paper flowers can add some style, texture and dimension to an otherwise boring locker.  Add a magnet to the back of one and place it nearly anywhere. Here's a simple how-to you can use to guide you. 

2. Add A Vision Board

Photo Credit: Bliss Returned

School days are often full of tests, drama and stress. Your child can make their locker an oasis by creating a personal vision board inside the door. They can cut out favorite images from magazines (be it mountain scenery or Channing Tatum's abs) and tape them all together to make an inspiring collage they can see every time they open their locker door. 

3. Pick A Color Scheme

lockers-color-schemePhoto Credit: PB Teen

To take locker decor to the next level, go for a color scheme that shows off one's inner interior designer prowess. It'll make a locker feel less like a storage space and more like a cozy home to store essentials. Plus it'll inspire your kid to keep their locker clean so they can show off their style. 

4. Utilize The Vertical Space

locker-lightPhoto Credit: PB Teen

Lockers may not be wide, but they tend to be tall, meaning you're left with a lot of vertical space. A pendant lamp (that's battery powered) or extra shelving are functional and stylish ways to fill up the emptiness. I would advise staying away from beaded curtains, but hey it's your locker, not mine. 

5. Go All Out

lockers-narniaPhoto Credit: Imgur

Because if you're not going to use your locker to store your books, backpack or coat, why not turn it into Narnia? 

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