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Personalized Hostess Gifts

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personalized-hostess-gifts-MAINWe've got truly unforgettable hostess presents!

There's nothing wrong and everything right about a lovely box of chocolates, a rich Burgundy wine, or a box of exotic teas to give as a thank you to your hostess. Everybody loves these. But you want your hostess gift to be truly unforgettable, unique, useful, beautiful and, above all, personalized. Initials can be imprinted on almost any surface through embroidery, etching, engraving, printing, chiseling, painting, carving, pressing or forming during the manufacture of the item. There is so much scope here that it is no wonder monogramming is the most often purchased personalized gift on the market.

Ideas for Most Unique Hostess Gifts

You can put her initials on coasters, clocks, soaps, cutting boards, trays, candles, steak knives, paperweights and on almost any fabric or solid surface. Jewelry can be personalized with her first name formed into silver earrings or as a pendant.

Fun, Personalized Hostess Gifts

personalized_hostess_giftsWith the hostess that doesn't take life too seriously you can have some fun with your gift-giving. For the camping enthusiast or the barbecue lover, a unique take on the personalized gift is to have a meat branding iron monogrammed with her initials. If she has a pool, why not get her a personalized life preserver. You can make it read as if it came from her yacht or simply put your hostess's first or last name on top and the word "pool" on the bottom of the ring. There are so many ways to personalize kitchen items that the list is only limited by one's imagination. You can have cookie jars, margarita jugs, pie plates, serving dishes, etc. with the cook's name on them. These can say anything from "Secret Sassy Sauce by [your hostess]" to "Made with Love by [your hostess]."

    Useful, Personalized Hostess Gifts

    Let's say your hostess is a practical person and likes receiving useful gifts. The busy professional could always use a self-inking stamp or embosser with her name, email, phone and address on it. If she goes to restaurants often, she will have had to contend with the issue of where to put her purse—back of the chair, on the floor, beside her seat, etc. Buy her a personalized purse holder designed to hang from the edge of the table. There will be no confusion over which medications in the family belong to whom when you give your hostess a silver monogrammed pill box.

      The Charm of Personalizing a Gift

      The beauty of the personalized gift is the fact that it is made specifically for the recipient. No question here that you purchased it just for her. You certainly are not re-gifting! Unlike retail gifts that are manufactured by the hundreds, the monogrammed item is special. Without any words spoken, personalized hostess gifts say that she, like the present you had made especially for her, is one of a kind.

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