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to harmful functions of pesticides. Small children may not understand warning signs displayed at parks or other recreational places regarding pesticides spray and thus mere exposure can cause their rapidly dividing cells to undergo mutation developing into cancer cells. Therefore what is used to keep foods safe from insects actually becomes a human killer in disguise.

Home Pesticide Dangers, How Pesticides Kill

Now food is essential for life but sustaining life is equally important for the better utilization of food. According to statistic of pesticides danger children those who come in contact with even outdoor home pesticides are approximate 3-7 times more risky towards developing cancer cells as compared to those who are never exposed. Many household think that home pesticides functions to kill insects and save food, doesn’t pose any harm to their children as they are tested and approved by the environmental agencies but it is not always true. Manufacturers ignore the harmful effect of different types of pesticides danger children and sell their products under inert ingredients labels. Many house hold have this common misconception about the use of possible chrysanthemum as one of the common ingredient in home pesticides but that is not true as function of pesticides is to kill humans along with killing insects.

When children inhale pesticides from air current, it makes its way into the lungs of the children and causes allergy, flu. In adverse stages it can also cause fever, breathing problems, nausea and headache. The long term pesticides danger to children may result in nervous breakdown, memory loss and even kidney failures. Supported by recent research in U.S alone each year around 19,000 fetal deaths occur owing to pesticides side effects.

The above debate doesn’t mean that use of pesticides should be abandoned altogether, rather less toxic or no pesticides should be used. Households should use fewer amounts of home pesticides on their lawn. Sanitation methods could be adopted to control any harmful insects and if inevitable use least toxic pesticides for control. At children school, management should be emphasized on using less toxic pesticides or other non toxic material to spray on grass. Apart from this shifting towards organic food items could also be a viable option. This way children will no longer be exposed to harmful effects of sprayed pesticides and will remain safe. The common slogan should be 'make the food safe for our children'This is the focus of growing organic foods.

Pesticide manufacturing companies are equally responsible for all the danger caused to children from their products. Common pesticides types include Borate and Aldicarp. These highly toxic pesticides are used to kill algae, insects, fungi and mites but cause serious danger to children. They should maintain honest and thorough ingredients lables so the general public can decide on usage for their safety.

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