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It's officially summer and that means it's time to make sure your pets are ready for the season! And like you, your pets are probably thrilled to get outside and make the most of the warm weather and sunshine. Here's how you can help them enjoy the summer and stay safe and healthy at the same time!

They're Hotter Than You!

You think you're melting when it's ninety degrees out? Your furry friends might be even hotter, especially if they are long-haired breeds. Keep the air conditioning or fans on and try to take your walks during the cooler times of the day, like early morning or evening. 

SPF Is Not Just For Humans

On the other hand, short-haired and lighter-skinned dogs can sometimes need sunscreen too, especially on vulnerable places like their ears. Be sure to only use sunscreens that are meant for animals, since the ones for people can contain chemicals that can cause all sorts of health issues. And don't forget to reapply regularly if you're out in the sun all day!

Avoid Insects

Our pets get bugged by bugs too! Things like ticks and mosquitos carry diseases that can be awful for your pet, and don't forget that insect repellants and other treatments can be kind of rough on your critters as well. Also take note that fertilizers and pesticides might be an issue for your pets as well - so keep them away from lawns with fertilizer warnings and such if you can. Questions? Talk to your vet about the best ways to keep your dog safe this summer.

Swim Safe!

Your dog might love to swim (cats jumping into bodies of water probably aren't as much of a concern here, but you never know!), but even a strong swimmer might have issues with currents in oceans or lakes, or have trouble getting into or out of the pool. Or he or she could get tripped by pool toys, buoys, ropes, sticks/branches, or other debris. A life preserver meant for dogs could be a literal lifesaver, so if you're planning lots of beachside or poolside adventures with your pup this summer, look into getting one! 

Provide Water 24/7

Our last tip is the most important of all - your pets need extra hydration to deal with the hot weather, so be sure that you always provide plenty of fresh water for them! 

Follow these tips and have a great summer with your pets! 


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