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Pharrell Williams has done it again.

By again, we mean create a video showcasing a diversity of women working it on the dance floor. Pharrell has released a new song, "Come Get It Bae," the second single off his new album G I R L. The video, which features Miley Cyrus in all her quirky glory, has a dance-worthy beat and Pharrell's classic high-pitched tone to jam to. 

You may remember him from his tunes such "Happy," "Blurred Lines," "Sing," or from his writing "Drop It Like It’s Hot" or "Hollaback Girl" - yea, he's done ALL of that.

Pharrell has continued his trendy of catchy lyrics and beat with the music video "Come Get It Bae", which seems to place emphasis on diversity and beauty. Though the women dance as sexy as any other latest hit video would show, they're not scantily clad or showing it all off. Instead, they're wearing street chic clothes, office wear, normal outfits and all. (Well, except for Miley. We know what to expect.) 

Throughout the music video, a group of eclectic women dance as Pharrell films it all behind the camera. With lyrics like "beauty has no expiration date," the video is said to promote women's liberation. Take a look:

Pharrell has made statements in other videos such as "Marilyn Monroe." In that video, girls of all sorts take on the dance floor. In the video for "Happy", which has almost 27 million views, everyday people dance to the song. 

Pharrell's music videos follow a trend of campaigns, songs and famous faces speaking up for natural and/or diverse beauty. Colbie Caillat's recent video "Try" hit on these notes, and there's been a strong influx of "makeup free" selfies being posted by notable celebs too. 

What do you think of Pharrell's recent vid? 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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