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pharrell-cries-during-oprah-interview-after-happy-success-headerPharrell is so happy that he can’t help but cry. 

The 40-year-old superstar made an appearance on Oprah’s Prime and she asked him about the song that was featured on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. When thinking about not only the success of his mega-hit “Happy” but the impact that it has literally had across the globe, Pharrell had a face full of tears. What many don’t know is the journey of Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” before it became an Oscar-nominated song. 

He revealed that initially, it got "zero airplay" on radio stations. But he didn’t let that discourage him and released the video on Nov. 21 and the buzz immediately followed. 


"All of a sudden… Boom," Pharrell said. "When I say ‘Boom,’ I mean, ‘Booooom.’ We were like, ‘What’s happening?’ People were putting up their own videos…it was like no longer my song."

Oprah then let Pharrell see a combined video of the various tributes people have made around the world to the new popular anthem. Beijing, Slovakia, Portugal, Venice Beach right on to Detroit were just some of the countless areas that embraced the theme of being happy with Pharrell’s song. It’s obvious Pharrell had no idea that the song would get as major as it did because when the camera cut back to him, he was in awe and speechless. 

He finally broke his silence and laughed, “Why am I crying on Oprah? It’s overwhelming because I love what I do. I just appreciate the fact that people have believed in me for so long, that I could make to this point and feel that."

After the interview Oprah confessed via Twitter that it was one of her favorites ever. 

Photo Credit: YouTube 

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