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  • Mommy Survival Kit

    Mommy Survival Kit

    Photo Credit: classyclutter.net

    Any new or expecting mother would be ecstatic to receive this. While it's not a kind of gift that’s usually thought of, it’s certainly needed. Fill a mason jar with a few of her favorite things as well some necessary items like a travel size Advil and Listerine breath strips.

  • Pamper Kit

    Pamper Kit

    Photo Credit: mommylikewhoa.com

    It’s similar to the survival package, but can used for leisure and pleasure versus just helping a mom make it through the day. Toss in hair, skin & nail vitamins, gum, lip gloss, lotion, her favorite book and a few other items for a guaranteed win.


  • Now You May Speak Coffee Mug

    Now You May Speak Coffee Mug

    Photo Credit: tickledteal.com

    It’s probably one of the most hilarious yet helpful gifts for moms on Mother’s Day — certainly one all mommies can relate to. It’s bound to be her favorite mug to use every morning to let the little ones know what type of day she’s having.

  • Bath Bombs

    Bath Bombs

    Photo Credit: wayfair.co.uk

    What mother couldn’t use a nice, warm (and pleasant smelling) bath? Make hers a little better with homemade bath bombs. They are super easy and very cheap to create, and you'll have all the materials you need at home!

  • Rope Decorations

    Rope Decorations

    Photo Credit: apartmenttherapy.com

    If you’re not the best at DIY projects, don’t fret! Anyone (literally anyone) can make a rope decoration. All you need is a cute vase and a rope. Just drape the rope inside of the dish. It’s that simple! You can also find really cute designs for wine bottle corks.

  • Homemade Body Butter

    Homemade Body Butter

    Photo Credit: brit.co

    This is another easy project for the DIY-challenged. Just mix coconut oil, honey and citrus. She can use the end product for lotion or even to shave.

  • Mother/Daughter Date

    Mother/Daughter Date

    Photo Credit: inspiredbythis.com

    It’s safe to say there are few things (if anything) that mean more to a mother than spending quality time with their children. Think of something you guys can do as a dynamic duo on Mother’s Day— it can be yoga, re-decorating a room in her home, a painting class or classic mani/pedis.

  • Button Down Pajamas

    Button Down Pajamas

    Photo Credit: revolveclothing.com

    This would mean lots to a new mom who just brought her bundle of joy home from the hospital. A cute and trendy pair would not only help with nursing, but help a mom still look put together when guests come to see her and the newborn.

  • Open When...Cards

    Open When...Cards

    Photo Credit: uptonogoodwithholly.blogspot.com

    It’s pretty impossible for a mother not to feel loved after getting this gift. Make a bundle of cards for your mother with an encouraging message inside. On the outside, write a different occasion on each one. For example “Open when… you need to know how much I love you…” or “Open when…you’re having a bad day.”

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