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Planning a Barbeque Party

Planning a Barbeque PartyHow to plan your Bar-B-Que Party in 10 days

Memorial Day tends to be the kick off date for a number of summer fun activities including backyard or park barbeques.  If you're planning a barbeque party, now is the time to pull out the barbeque grill and get the backyard in summer shape. Whether you're planning a small gathering or a large barbeque party, following our ten day barbeque party plan will ensure everyone has a great time.  Even the host!

The Ten Day Party Planning Method

Have you ever arrived early to a barbeque and the host or hostess forgot or ran out of something and asked you to go to the store to get it?  Perhaps you've been that host or hostess.  It's embarassing and stressful to be running in place and unable to really enjoy the day you've  planned.  If your past parties have felt disorganized or overly stressful, it's time to do something different.

With our method, it doesn't take much to get the barbeque party plans in motion.  If you have a week and a half to get ready try it.   You are promised a different experience this time.  You can finally sit back on the day of the party and enjoy.  This is especially true, if the barbeque plans are well organized, simple and followed thoroughly day by day.

While there's nothing wrong with planning a barbeque party at a moments notice; it's always a good idea to have the basic plan in place to make sure you don't have to use your guest to run last minute barbeque errands. This means making sure there's an adequate amount of supplies, food, refreshments and activities.   Follow the 10 day barbeque party plan when you plan your barbeque party.

Planning a Backyard Barbeque

  • Day 1 - is the day you decided to host a barbeque party and plan the date. Putting the barbeque plans in motion like drafting a to-do-list, surveying the condition of the backyard etc should immediately follow. Here are a few essential items to get the to-do-list started:
  • o Clean the barbeque grill to make sure food doesn't have a funny smell or taste thoroughly clean it at least a week before the barbeque, because over the winter dust and rust have accumulated.
  • o Setting a tentative guest list makes it easier to estimate the total number of guest you're expecting. Also make sure to add 5 additional guests to the total number in order to help with menu and activities planning.
  • o Setting a tentative Menu and planning the grocery list for the main course first is most important. This means establishing the main course and what types: Barbeque Ribs (beef and/or pork), chicken, steaks, hot links, etc.

Once the main course is established, side dishes and desserts will be easy to put together.  Especially when being resourceful by asking family and friends to join the barbeque planning and provide side dishes, refreshments and desserts. Other items should be added to the list as needed. Now that the to-do-list is established checking the condition of the yard is next.

Day 2 -is when implementing the to-do-list is most critical.  For example; calling and notifying family and friends of the barbeque party plans to get commitments to bring items for the barbeque and helping to draft as well as send email invitations.   Now there's an idea to make sure your great barbeque party run smoothly.

Day 3 - should be committed to the menu, budgeting and activities. This is a very critical time if planning activities where party supply rentals, like Jumpers for the kids, chairs, tables or a DJ and equipment will be needed and to make sure the equipment will be available on the day of the barbeque.

When planning the menu refer to the tentative guest list formula to ensure the budget covers enough food. Here is where the grocery list is most important.   Try to focus on a large quantity of a few items rather than a large number of multiple items to keep the grocery list to a minimum.  Remember you've enlisted help so make sure to utilize them wisely.

Day 4 and 5 - are very busy days and should be planned to land on a weekend if possible.  Starting bright and early, do the yard and gardening, then shop for everything on your list except the meat, send out email invitations and reserve any needed rental equipment.  Also make sure to get barbeque essentials like lighter fluid, charcoal, wood chips, fire place matches or a long barbeque lighter.

Day 6 and 7 - is when all the plans are checked and items on the list are double checked.  Most often email response will be rolling in so making adjustments to the guest, menu and activities list will be easy.

Day 8 and 9 - Are last minute days and the ideal days to buy, marinate and tenderize the meat, make conformations of rentals, the guest list, menu and other things needed for your barbeque party.

Day 10 and the day of the barbeque party is when organizing and decorating the yard (if any) is done early.  Sectioning off the yard for kid, elderly, card/game playing tables and positioning Tiki Lamps for night fun is always a nice touch.   Also setting up a barbeque party buffet, having extra hands with decorating and moving lawn furniture is a good idea when the participating guest bearing side dishes and refreshments arrive earlier than everyone else.

Using the 10 day method to plan a barbeque party is ideal no matter what size the event and can be used for park barbeque parties too!  Not to mention relieves the stress of running out of items, food and activities to keep your guest entertained and most importantly the ability to enjoy the barbeque with your guest.