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planning-friendsgivings-and-holiday-bashesGroups of friends sometimes look at Thanksgiving as a family holiday… so they skip right over to plan Christmas and December get-togethers.

With so many people getting off from work or school, getting ready to meet up with good friends at home, planning a fun friend get-together can be fun but also… demanding.

Whether you’re trying to make it a couples get-together, fancy get-together or inexpensive shindig, we have options for everyone!

For the Budgeters…

For some, another holiday get-together means another punch to the paycheck and a dent in the bank account. One of the best ways to guarantee a low cost is to have people pre-pay.

There’s always at least one person who is in charge of organizing the event. Have that person collect $15-$20 per person, and have them do all the food shopping with that money. Guests can all decide on a pre-planned menu, and then the planner can shop according to the food options.

The downside of this is that every person needs to be cooperative in order for this to work, and everyone will need to plan ahead. If people want to spend extra money to bring something else, then they can do that if they want.

For the Diners…

Sometimes it’s just much easier for friends to get-together at a restaurant. Most restaurants have a special holiday menu, which makes it easy for getting in the holiday spirit. The only downside of meeting at restaurants is that it will be really hard to keep the cost down. However, everyone will be guaranteed a delicious meal!

For the Chefs…

One of the most fun ways to celebrate a true Friendsgiving is to turn it into a potluck event. People should be assigned a main dish, a side dish, a vegetable, or a dessert, and are responsible for bringing enough to feed “X” amount of people.

If you want to keep the costs even for everyone, you can assign a cost per dish. This eliminates people who have to bring a vegetable to spend $5, versus the person who needs to bring a main dish to spend $20.

By telling each person their dish needs to be between $15-$25, everyone will spend about the same amount of money.

For the Couples...

Friendsgiving for couples combines an element of almost every option. Since you’re probably going to have a big group, one of the best options is to get catered food. You can charge $40 per couple, times five or six couples, and you’ll have around $240.

Whoever hosts the party will be responsible for picking up the food and setting everything up. However, it’s only fair if everyone agrees on the place to cater from.

Having a Friendsgiving is the perfect way to create get-togethers that turn into yearly traditions. Put on your party pants and start planning!

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