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It happens every award season. You watch the same actors win awards in the same category, making the same speeches. I'm pretty sure if some one made a YouTube compilation of Matthew McConaughey saying "Alright, Alright, Alright" after winning every award known to man for his role in Dallas Buyers Club last year, it would have a longer run time than Dallas Buyers Club itself. 

Nonetheless, even for the most devout television and movie fans, the monotony of the ceremonies can become a bore. So instead of turning of your television and waiting for the inevitable show highlight articles and GIF list-icles to appear online moments after the broadcast is over, make watching award shows fun again!

Embrace the abundant cliches found in winner's speeches, look forward to the tired interview question of "Who are you wearing?" repeated endlessly throughout the night and listen in delight as the music of the orchestra cuts off another run-on speech.  

You may now be asking yourself, "How on Earth am I supposed to do all those thing?"

One word - BINGO (or three words - bingo and alcohol.)

Of course you can always add a glass of wine to your bingo playing. And if you searching for something to drink while watching, may we suggest sipping on one of these cocktails inspired by this season's award worthy movies?

Now that you're all amped up to play bingo, you may be asking yourself, "Wherever will I get award show bingo cards?" Don't worry... we got you covered. We have 4 cards below that when you print and cut out, make for easy bingo cards!

Bingo Card 1


Bingo Card 2

Bingo Card 3


Bingo Card 4



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