Body Types and Fashion Body Shape Basics

No matter your shape or size, body type and fashion is an important topic for women. Commercials focus on diets and foods that will help us fit into model-size skinny jeans, but don't offer more for those of us with real women's bodies. Of course we all know on some level that there are beautiful fashions for every body type but the persistence of advertisers makes us forget that reality.  So it's up to us find flattering solutions ourselves.

Fashion for Different Body Types

Basic definitions of different body types have been given short names that describe the body shape succintly. Fashions are built around each shape, even if a particular designer doesn't focus on the variety of multiple shapes, it is possible to fnd the clothing stylist who is sensitive to YOUR body type. Manufactures make clothes that sell; so body type and fashion is very important to them.

Pear Body Types

The pear shape means you have a wide pelvis with a small chest and shoulders. If you have a pear shape body then your fashions should help the observing eye to focus on your smaller upper body. V necklines on tops with large patterns are the best choice. If you need to wear a jacket for work, then the best kind of jacket is a waist length one. Pants and skirts should be dark, solid colors. Skirts should be straight cut and not the more flaring wide, pleated skirts.

Reversed Pear Body Types

Women that have small hips and wide shoulders with a bigger chest are considered to have a reversed pear shape body. The best fashions for you should focus on your hips and legs. Tops should fit snuggly and be in solid colors. Skirts and pants should have wide, tight waistbands and wide fuller bottoms. Skirts should be very colorful with big patterns.

Apple Body Types

Apple body types have full, round hips and larger chests. Body type and fashion designers have recently focused a little more on the apple shape types. Apple shapes should avoid any clothes that bring the eye to focus on the middle of their bodies. Tops should be straight cut and slightly loose fitting. Pants and skirts should have small waistbands with wider flowing bottoms. Jackets should be thigh length with a belt at the waist. Patterns should be in vertical lines or random like polka dots.  Horizontal lines should be avoided at all costs.

Hourglass Body Types

The hourglass body type has a very narrow waist with larger hips and a larger chest. Most women want the hourglass shape but it is not easy to find fashions that fit perfectly. Dresses with a wide belt are perfect for the hourglass figure. Tops should be waist length and pleated on the sides of the bottom to tighten around the waist. Wrap style tops and skirts also look very good on hourglass figures. Jackets should be waist length to draw attention to your narrow waist.

Yardstick Body Types

Yardstick body types are the flat skinny bodies that many models have. Many women are not so flat and shapeless but designers continue to act as though this is the desired shape of all women. There really isn't anything that the yardstick shape can't wear because they don't have any curves to deal with. Tight V-neck shirts do well on hourglass women. Long narrow skirts with high slits look good and are comfortable. Pants, skirts, and tops should all accent the long sleek lines of the body style.

There are many body types and fashions acknowledge the different shapes of real women. Advertisers may not be acknowledging the differences between body type and fashion for each individual type but you favorite clothing store does. Many women have curves and come in a variety of different beautiful shapes. You should select the fashions that work best with your personal body shape.

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