if you purchase the correct jean made for you're body style you can look good no matter what your size. The trick is choosing the correct size custom cut for larger women jeans. Let us show you how.

Blue Jean Basics For Beautiful Bountiful Bottoms

Women's plus size jeans should be made from either blue or black denim and should fit nicely. To tight of a jean or to loose will make you look bigger. Something no one wants. The best jeans to choose are the stretch jeans. It will move with you through out the day. The plus size jeans bottoms should be either, boot cut or have a small flare. Both are sliming and you appear taller.

There are ways to accent one area while taking the attention away of others for instance; to make your stomach look flatter buy mid or high rise plus size jeans. Bock party jeans are good for this, but you should wear a longer shirt to cover the top. If your bottom is your problem area, large pockets will make it look smaller. If your bottom is flat buy good jeans for larger women with detailed pockets that are placed high on your back side. If your thighs are the problem, boots cut or flare jeans work well.

Women's plus size western jeans are very similar to regular plus size jeans. They too should be dark denim and should be mid to high rise jeans. A belt brings attention to the waist and less attention to other places. Large busted women use this technique a lot. The buckle should be 2" and either be a gold or silver color. This too will draw attention to the waist line. The bottom of the jeans should be a boot cut with an 18" opening, so it will fit over your boot nicely. They should be 4" longer than the inseam so when you ride the jeans will still cover your boot. A little starch works nicely, if you want to add creases to your blue or black denim jean. To complete you're western wear ensemble you need to add a hat, boots and other choice accessories. Remember, it's not just the jeans that give you the look.

Where can you find larger sized blue jeans?  Many department stores carry them and so does the web. In fact my web search brought up several stores that specialize in plus size jeans. Their web pages have an area where you can custom fit jeans to your particular body style. This can be extremely helpful for women with ill proportioned bodies.

Blue or black denim Plus size jeans help covers up flaws, if correctly fitted. To tight or to loose of a jean makes you look larger. Women's plus size jeans should be should be mid rise, high rise or party block jeans. Women's plus size western jeans should be boot cut with an 18' opening to fit over your boot.

So keep these basics in mind the next time you shop and remember, the shape and not the size is what we are concentrating on.  As long as you find the fright fit you can even tuck that shirt in and look GREAT!

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