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Plus Sized Skinny Leg Jeans

plus_size_skinny_leg_jeansFabric and Fit Matter for Plus Size Jeans

Plus sized skinny leg jeans are just what any shapely sweetheart could ask for! With the right cut and some complimenting footwear, skinny leg jeans for plus sized women can highlight your "assets." Whether you are looking to get a pair of plus sized skinny jeans for a bargain or a wallet-full, this is one look that flatters all shapes and sizes.

Skinny Legged Look to Slim Plus Size Beauties

Plus sized skinny leg jeans are readily available from a variety of different brands. Surprisingly, Levi makes one of the best skinny leg jeans for plus sized women. The Levi brand of plus sized skinny jeans is a best buy because of the durability and low price. Of course, some shoppers tend to favor other  more expensive brands. Some of those other brands include Baby Phat, American Eagle and more with Baby Phat taking the lead in being one of the more expensive pairs. The most popular plus-size exclusive manufacturer of plus size jeans is Lane Bryant. Their revolutionary  smart fit system is deisnged with plus size women in mind with three unique styles of fit. These jeans are not cheap, coming in at nearly $40 a pair, but many women feel they are worth their weight in gold because they don't ride up, gap at the waist, or pinch.

There are dozens of low-priced places online and off that have plus sized skinny leg jeans readily available. Since the skinny leg jeans look isn't for everyone, it's highly recommended to do your initial shopping for plus sized skinny jeans in the flesh instead of shopping online. This means that you need to check out your favorite clothing store or, better yet, a mall that will have dozens of styles and prices to choose from in one convinient location.

Anyone adding plus-sized skinny leg jeans to their wardrobe will need to stay away from horizontal like stripes, tears, beads ECT. Everyone and anyone that is a part of the plus sized world of fashion will tell you that horizontal anything in your wardrobe will do nothing but make you and your shape appear wider than usual. Patches, beads, and anything that adds bulk should be avoided. Instead, opt for sleek, clean lines by pairing a well-cut pair of skinny jeans with a long sweater or flowy tunic. In the end, once you've found the right pair of skinny jeans, the most important thing to remember is to follow up with shoe shopping!

Stephanie Diane Tanner
Stephanie Diane Tanner

My name is Stephanie and I am a mother of a daughter, Cali. She is almost 3 years old and I love her to pieces even when she makes my hair fall out from stress! HAHA. I love to read and write, cook, especially desserts and those hefty meals needed to fill the belly of my fiance. Not to mention the designing of meals and snacks my picky toddler likes to eat!

I grew up on a farm in Southern Illinois, therefore, I love animals and I currently own a 90 pound white boxer who is cuddly and clumsy. I have a large oscar fish named SpitFyre (from a book). I took an extra year of required english study, including journalism and creative writing. I'm also a published poet, 3 times over, since the age of 12 years old (said to write at 12th grade level while in 5th grade). I love to write because I have a talent for it. I won the state spelling be when I was in 5th grade and I have not stopped being fascinated with grammar and the world of writing ever since.

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