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pms-perfect-mom-syndromePerfect Mom Syndrome

Recently I invented a new syndrome (well, I don’t know if it is new, but I would like to claim it as mine as it is new to me!) PMS – Perfect Mom Syndrome. It occurs when a person feels the need to be the perfect mom.

Do You Know Someone With PMS?

I have met women with this syndrome. I have been friends with women with this syndrome. You have too I am sure. They are the ones who appear to have it all together. They are dynamos whose children are always looking clean and tidy, whose house is always show-home ready, whose vehicles don’t have food wrappers or empty coffee cups in them, who bring home baked treats to school every holiday season, and who always seem to still have time to look put together themselves.

I don’t mean to knock these moms at all – the more power to them if they can do it all! But, are they really that perfect? I bet some are, and that this all comes fairly easily to them. I am also willing to bet most of them feel great pressure to be perfect! Whether they put this pressure on themselves, or whether it comes from a spouse, friends, or family, it has got to be exhausting (well, in my opinion, anyways).

How Do You Measure Up?

I can remember thinking I was inadequate because my house wasn’t spotless, because the laundry was piling up, because maybe I had gained some weight, because I wasn’t capable of doing it all every day. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I keep up with working full-time, raising a family, cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, and nurturing relationships with the people in my life? What must people think?

I realized one day that I should not compare myself with others, that I just have to be the best “me” I can be. This is about me and what my priorities are. And you know what, I am not perfect! I am ok with that now. Time told me that what took precedence in my life were the people in my life and not the dust bunnies. If I have an opportunity to socialize, go golfing, go camping, or do just about anything with a friend or family, I do it – the housework can wait! I have a happy home, a great extended family, and dear friends who accept me just the way I am.

Just Be the Best "YOU" You Can Be!

I have come to where I no longer care what people with PMS think of me… I am far too busy having a good time with people I love and care about to worry about it anymore! It really is ok to be imperfect. Life is short, be true to yourself.

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