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When wanting to stay up to date on political news, whether its to follow a favorite candidate or get some prep before your next Facebook debate, these apps will keep you in the know. 

Once downloaded, these apps can give you you unprecedented access to politicians, their polls and statsm plus information on upcoming legislation. Welcome to being a more informed citizen!


16496-countable-appElections are not just about voting for your favorite personality. An understanding of the issues around local and federal legislation is an essential step to becoming an informed voter. Countable feeds your smartphone information on bills that are coming up for a vote or making headlines around the country. The alerts include arguments for both sides along with pro and con lists that deconstruct what the bill aims to do.  


16496-dollarocracy-appPolitical donors are becoming a rightfully "hot button" issue in the United States. When and if politicians are being bought out by powerful groups and corporations, it is important for citizens to educate themselves on who is endorsing their candidates. Dollarocracy breaks that information down for you and gives up to date information on who is receiving money from who. 

Open States

16496-openstates-appKeeping up with the presidential election is easy, but staying informed on local politics presents a bigger challenge. Open States informs you on bills being pushed to become law in your home state as well as which politicians are supporting or opposing certain laws. 



16496-icitizen-appAs one of the most powerful political apps out there, iCitizen gives its user everything they'll need to be an informed citizen. With the end goal of broad citizen engagement, iCitizen delivers not only information on upcoming legislation, but the contact information of the specific senators and congressmen in your area, empowering its users to make their voices heard.


BuyPartisan AJust as corporations choose which candidates will get their money, you can choose which corporations will get yours! By simply scanning a bar code, BuyPartisan will instantly get information on which politicians and agendas have been backed by the product's company. 



PollTracker AStaying up to date on the race to the White House is easier than ever with PollTracker, an app that instantly updates you on gains and losses for a candidates campaign. Beyond just the Presidential race, PollTracker provides info on local elections nationwide.

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